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Owners Warning


Dear Owners,

WARNING! Please Beware of resale and other scams.

Beware of Timeshare Cancellation Company Operating out of Maine

It has come to our attention that a certain timeshare cancellation company operating out of Maine is printing multiple forged documents on letterhead containing the timeshare developer’s name and logo. In addition, the documents appear to contain the forged signatures of the developer’s representatives and include false and misleading information, including incorrect contact information and a website for the developer which is not owned or operated by the developer. It appears that this timeshare cancellation company takes a large upfront fee from owners for timeshare cancellation services. It then sends these forged documents to owners in order to deceive them into believing the timeshare cancellation company cancelled the owners’ timeshares. In fact, the owners’ timeshare accounts were never cancelled as falsely represented to the owners by the timeshare cancellation company.

Images of documents which we have identified as forgeries are attached. Please click on the images below for more information:

To learn more about the ERC LTR to Macalanda Alejo not from ERC REDACTED, click Here

To learn more about the LTRS to Macalanda Alejo not from ERC REDACTED, click Here

We strongly urge you to exercise caution when paying upfront fees to timeshare cancellation, resale or rental companies. If you have paid for timeshare cancellation or resale services, please contact your developer or your management company to inquire about the status of your account.

Beware of Scam Companies Acting as Debt Collectors

We are aware of a scam in which owners are receiving phone calls from an individual claiming to be a debt collector associated with either the developer or the timeshare association. The individual tells the owner that he or she owes money to the developer or to the association and directs the owner to send money to a second individual. The second individual tells the owner that he is a “public defender”. These individuals are not associated with your timeshare developer, your timeshare association or your management company. The phone numbers associated with this scam are 1-800-827-0578 and (347) 474-0217.

Please contact your developer or your management company directly if you receive suspicious debt collection calls before paying any monies over the phone.

Thank you.

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