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Scam Warning


WARNING: There are unscrupulous companies contacting owners to falsely promise they can help transfer the title to their timeshare week to another party, while at the same time relieving the owner of any further financial responsibility for mortgage payments, annual maintenance and real estate taxes. These companies solicit owners and provide them with standard form letters to send to the developer attempting to cancel their purchase and receive a refund. These letters will often contain untrue statements. The developers are firmly rejecting such demands and those owners who are deceived by these companies and stop paying for or give up their timeshare will still remain personally responsible for mortgage, maintenance and tax payments. Worse, these companies often charge large up-front fees for these "services" which can range from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. We urge you not to be fooled by these companies and to contact your home Resort before falling victim to any of these companies.

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