Daily Management Inc.

"Points" of Interest

A few friendly reminders to all RCI Points owners …
All Points reservations and Points borrowed must be confirmed through RCI
Borrowing from a future Use Week may only be done once your maintenance fees for the future Use Year have been paid
Using the Points Reservation Window below to manage your Points reservations will allow you to reserve time at your own resort without competition from other resorts

Points Reservations Window
For example…
if your week starts September 1st, your 2004 Home Week priority period is August 1, 2003 – September 2003  
Your Home Resort Priority Period is September 1st through September 30th  
Your Home Group Priority Period is October 1st through October 31st  
November 1st is the beginning of your standard reservation period
While reservations for Points owners must be made through RCI, your resort’s reservations department will happily answer any questions you may have regarding your ownership.