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Dear Owner:


            As the management company of your timeshare property, one of our priorities is efficiently assisting you, the owner, to enjoy the maximum value of your timeshare weeks. In conjunction with RCI, we are working to improve your ability to exchange your week.

            Many of our owners are already enjoying the advantages of making exchanges through RCI to other prime vacation locations. They are achieving these advantages by depositing/banking their weeks with RCI as early as 24 months in advance to increase their trading power. However, depositing weeks in advance requires pre-payment of the maintenance fees.

Note: Your weeks must be deposited to your personal RCI account a minimum of 14 days before the start date of your deeded week to be valid. As in the past, failure to comply may result in the loss of your week.

As always, we also offer you the ability to put your week up for rent by sending in your Rental Agreement.Rental Agreements are available online under General Information.

Thank you for choosing Vacation Village Resorts, as your Home away from Home.